Notice About Passwords.

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Notice About Passwords.

Post  GM Infinix on Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:58 pm

[Admin Notice]

1. Make sure you are using no more than 15 characters to create your password.

2. Be sure to log out of game when changing your password or it will not change it for the game login.

3. Be sure not to use 123456 or any setup similar to this.(It is too easy to hack)

4. Do NOT use your name as your password.

5. Do NOT use CAPS to log into the game.

6. Do NOT share your information with others.

7. Do NOT use the same registration credentials, USERNAME and/or PASSWORD, that you use in other servers to avoid server disagreements.

If you follow these simple steps then your accounts will be secure. We are NOT responsible for any accounts that may get hacked or scammed by other players. It is your responsibility to keep your information and to NOT share it.

Thank you from the Staff of ZeNFinix. We hope you enjoy your game play!
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