Leveling Guide for begginers.

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Leveling Guide for begginers.

Post  GM Infinix on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:29 pm


Vasabhum - only for first 2-3 lvls
Vasabhum Caura - until 7 lvl u can kill them
Vasabhum Kulapra - hmmm...i don"t know this mob Smile
Mlechcas - ...
Mlechcas Caura - yes... you can kill them until 12-15 lvl.
Mlechcas Karmana - I don"t think so.
Vrca - Skip them
Vrca Dara - Skip also
Saraa Vrca - too tough
Boa - here you can stay until 20lv
Varaha - no...definitely worthless
Varaha raja - same here
Aprah Varaha Raja - sure why not ? until 20-25
Sbrinda - if u like Mandara , you can lvl here easily until 25-30 lvl.
Sbrinda Satvan - Same here

Anu Village:

Ulkhamuka - Skip
Ulkhamuka Caura - Skip them !
Ulkhamuka Satvan - Let them live.
Ugra Ulkhamuka - Oh please , little smurf.
Ugra Ulkhamuka Caura - There is one good spot ... maybe to 30lvl
Ugra Ulkhamuka Satvan - Same here
Tarantula - Yes , you can lvl here until 30-35
Heruka - too tough
Azna Heruka - Too agressive
Ananga - yes...It"s good option due to good rupiahs rate and not rly poor exp
Ananga Dvanta - same here
Pizac Aggana / Aggana Tara - The best lvling in anu - stay here even until 45 (Warning! Don"t forget about flame resistance here or lot of Amrita Potions)
Kaulitara - Alternative option for 40-45 lvl , but they are much thougher

Pamir Plains:

Ban/Ban Gosu - nooooo...stun and tough skin.
Sobariung/Sobariung gosu - You can come here even at 50 and end at 60.
Kubasangs - The best mobs to lvling until even 68.
Balastha Drbhika/Tundela - Too dangerous until 64.Then you decide.
Kyukkrong/Kyukkrong gosu - Im very like this monsters.But you must choose. Don"t go there before reach 58.

Jina Town:

Zaku/Zaku Gosu - Ofcourse. To 50-52
Sinkiu/Sinkiu Gosu - Too dangerous and too tough.
Kyoin - Definitely skip them
Mangriangs - Hmmm...not really.
Tiger/White Tiger - Ofcourse ! but don"t go there before 52.Until 58
Choniocusins (ghosts) - No. Poison hurts.Not comfortable lvling.
Zinmon / Zinmon Gosu - Too tough.

Exile Area:

Ban Dopang/Zangkun - Too Tough
Yakku - after 74 i was lvling there to gain expensive trophies from it...choice is yours.
Yemra Soldiers - Imagine that you are mouse...This mob is cat until 80 lv.
Flower - You can lvl here after 58 and even to 74
Bongbo - Hmm...too tough but it"s not so dangerous.Just its not worth to kill them.
Zonbu - Not good for lvling.

Biryu :

Mages : Charms until even 80 lv.
Druka : Miners , Bora until 80 lv
Banar : Bora , Miners until 80lv
Karya : Miners until 74 lv


Butu - 68 - 80
Masan - 74 - 88
Hadi - Too low exp , too long kill
Sunta - 74-80
Makara - Noo...too uncomfortable lvling
Atuhi Karakra - Hmmm... I don"t like it but u can try until 80lv.

After u reach 80-88 lvl u will know better where to lvl so im not continue this guide Smile

all on 1 - in this party each member killing one mob.
Each Kill - Each member killing different monster in area
Lure party - One player (lurer) lures mobs to tanker and mages kills it with area spells.

Now if u know the monsters , this is an options for party :

0-45 - no parties.
45-58 - Tiger all on 1 , Tiger each kill , Kubasang Lure Party.
58-68 - Kubasang each kill , Flower all on 1 ,
68-88 - Butu each kill , Masan all on 1 , Masan each kill (rather not for below 80lv) , Makara/sunta/Hadi/Atuhi Karakra Lure parties.

and same as in solo guide - after reach those lvls u won"t need any hints anymore Smile
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