Armors and Weapon Guides

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Armors and Weapon Guides

Post  GM Utara on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:09 pm

Hello Tantra Players

I created this post to guide our newly recruit players in tantra, and to those players who don't know where to loot the Armors and Weapons.

level 68 armors set - in NPC Wangdaopo, drops in Mudha map, specifically Hadi (Spiders)
level 74 armor set - randomly in Forge Map and randomly in Mudha Map
level 80 armor set - Mudha Map...
level 88 armor set - Ruins Map too many there, just kill the "Bald" mob and kaulitara mobs, it drops 2-3 items..
level 96 armor set - Forge Mini Bosses.
level a8 amara set (purple set) - drops in Ruins Map. armors and pants, dropped by the "Purple Bald Mobs" while gloves and shoes, dropped by Green Bald Mobs, Head gear, dropped by Angana Ladies..

level 68 weapons - Mudha Map
level 74 weapons - Forge Map, and Mudha
level 88 weapons - Mudha specifically Masan Mobs
level 98 weapons - Forge Mini Bosses
level a9 weapons - dropped by Ruins Bosses

this datas was according to the "ingame" explorations we did, so if you have some added input regarding the armors and weapons, dont hesitate to approach me INGAME.. (Utara)

GM Utara

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