Quest Reward Guide (Stat & Items)

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Quest Reward Guide (Stat & Items)

Post  synapse on Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:38 pm

-Mandara Quest-(All Normal items do all the quest)

-Shambala Quest-

Ring of the Brave(Ring Quest)
Defense rate 75 Increase
Chakra of Heart 35 Increase
Maximum TP 250 Increase
All resistance 10 Increase
All Strike Attack Power 5% Increase

Phalaka of Life(Shield Quest)
Defense rate 200 Increase
Chakra of Heart 50 Increase
Maximum HP 150 Increase
Maximum TP 100 Increase
Resist 8% Probability of Sleep Effect

Rucaka of Kirika(Necklace Quest)
Attack Successful 5 Increase
Maximum HP 100 Increase
Chakra of Heart 10 Increase
Defense rate 50 Increase
TP Recovery 10% Increase

Necklace of the Brave(Necklace Quest)
All Chakra 3 Increase
All Resistance 10 Increase
Maximum HP 200 Increase
Maximum TP 10% Increase

-Jina Quest:-

Earring of Militia(Earring Quest)
Maximum HP 500 Increase
Maximum TP 500 Increase
TP Recovery 50% Increase

Bangle of Wise(Bracelet Quest)
Chakra of Mental 80 Increase
Chakra of Heart 50 Increase
Maximum TP 400 Increase
Attack Successful 150 Increase
Damage 10% Absorb

Earring of the Wise(Earring Quest)
Avoid 100 Increase
Chakra of Nerve 30 Increase
Chakra of Heart 50 Increase
TP Recovery 15 Increase
Maximum HP 300 Increase

-Outcast Quest(Exile)-

Belt of the Great Bear(Belt Quest)
Defense rate 250 Increase
Maximum HP 300 Increase
Maximum TP 60 Increase
Chakra of Nerve 20 Increase
TP Recovery 35 Increase

x2 Strong Kambu
x4 Pilgrimage Ticket

-Biryu Quest-
Soon to be updated due to "Strange nation of the East(Bug Quest)"


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Re: Quest Reward Guide (Stat & Items)

Post  Divinus on Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:06 am

Why not we create a tantra wiki? Very Happy

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