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Mandara Map/Beginner's Guide

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Beginner's Quest #1: Collect Items and Sell To Shop
Reward: 10 Dahara Amritas, 200 Rupiahs, Chori Gloves
1. Find Blacksmith Vartan.
2. Get 3 Small Horns by hunting Vasabhums
3. Bring to the Horns to Blacksmith Vartan for the reward.

Beginner's Quest #2: Increase Level
Reward: 50 Pranas, Chori Shoes, 10 Dahara Amrita
1. Go to Defense General Apvas.
2. Increase your level to 1 or more level points by killing monsters.
3. Go back to Defense General Apvas for the reward.

Beginner's Quest #3: Repair Item
Reward: Headband, 10 Dahara Amritas
1. Go to Tradesman Buvan to get instructions.
2. Go to Kirika.
3. Repair item and give to Tradesman Buvan. (Repair Fee: 100 Rupiahs)

Beginner's Quest #4: Get Sacrificial Items
Reward: 500 Rupiahs, Chori Pants, 100 Pranas, 10 Dahra Amritas
1. Go to Craftsman Kirika.
2. Get 3 Low Quality Horns and give it to Priest Vananta to receive a reward.
3. Then return to Kirika for your reward.

Beginner's Quest #5: Mlecchas Hunt
Reward: 200 Pranas, 500 Rupiahs, 10 Dahara Amritas, Chori Armor
1. Go to Defense General Apvas.
2. Hunt 10 or more Mlecchas.
3. Go back to General Apvas for your reward.

Scenario Quest #11: Protection of Shambala Castle (For Level 20 and above)
Reward: 30,000 Rupiahs, 20,000 Pranas, 20 Panakas
1. Seek Shambala's Hero Amar.
2. Hunt 30 or more Ulkamukhas.
3. Report to Amar.
4. Kill 15 or more Ulkamukha Cauras.
5. Return to Amar.

Scenario Quest #12: Amar's Message
Reward: Chabi of Holy Army, 20,000 Pranas, 50,000 Rupiahs
1. Go to Shambala's Hero Amar.
2. Deliver Amar's Message to General Apvas of Mandara Village.
3. Get thing from Craftsman Kirika.
4. Return to Amar.

Scenario Quest #13: Mahomet's Letter
Reward: 20,000 Pranas, 30,000 Rupiahs, Bracelet of God's Force
1. Find to Mahomet of Shambala Castle.
2. Deliver Mahomet's Letter to Anjali of Mandara Village.
3. Report to Mahomet.

Scenario Quest #14: Conquering the Town of Ruins (For Level 25 and above)
Reward: 30.000 Rupiahs, 20.000 Pranas, Azis
1. Talk to Shambala's Hero Amar.
2. Hunt 30 Herukas.
3. Report back to Hero Amar.

Scenario Quest #15: Strong Sword of Vartan (For Level 30 And above)
Reward: Azis, 20 Spara Panakas, 100,000 Rupiahs, 100,000 Pranas
1. Seek the one who will give Vartan's Sword.
2. Recover Ancient Blade from Ananga.
3. Tell Vibvan of Anu Village.
4. Deliver Ancient Blade and Vibvan's Letter to Blacksmith Vartan.
5. Report Vartan's Message to Vibvan.

Scenario Quest #16: Saranu's Leather Clothing (Level 35 and above)
Reward: 100,000 Pranas, 50,000 Rupiahs, Tribal item
1. Talk to Priestess Saranu of Anu Village.
2. Collect 10 Kaulitara Tough Leather and deliver to Priestess Saranu.
3. Deliver Saranu's Leather Clothing and Saranu's Message to Craftsman Kirika of Mandara Village.
4. Go to Priestess Saranu with Kirika's Message.

Scenario Quest #17: Resurrected Rucaka of Kirika (Level 35 and above)
Reward: 50,000 Rupiahs, Rucaka of Kirika
1. Find Jeweler Nara of Anu Village.
2. Get 10 Sorcery Book from Pizac Aggana with 10,000 rupiahs and deliver to Jeweler Nara.

Scenario Quest #18: Shield of Life (Level 35 and above, bring Strong Sword of Vartan)
Reward: 50.000 Pranas, Phalaka of Life
1. Find Vibvan.
2. Get Phalaka of Life from Priestess Saranu.
3. Deliver 5 Azna Stone Hearts from Azna Heruka.
4. Show Unfinished Phalaka of Life to Vibvan.
5. Deliver 10 Panakas and Unfinished Phalaka of Life to Pharmacist Karan of Mandara Village.
6. Find Ashuri's Lost Bracelet from Aprah Varaha Raja.
7. Return and talk to Vibvan.
8. Deliver 1 Jewel of Life, 10 Kaulitara Tough Leather, and Unfinished Phalaka of Life to Vibvan.

Scenario Quest #19: The Grand Stone and The Test of the Brave (Level 40 and above)
Reward: 100,000 Pranas, 50,000 Rupiahs, Ring of the Brave
1. Find Priestess Saranu.
2. Deliver Saranu's Predictions to the one who can read it in Mandara Village.
3. Deliver History Book to Priestess Saranu.
4. Go to Jeweler Nara.
5. Get Voucher of King from Zarku of Shambala Dungeon.
6. Give to Jeweler Nara of Anu Village.
7. Talk to Vibvan.
8. Get Spirit Stone from Zarku Rudhira.
9. Return to Vibvan.
10. Report to Priestess Saranu.
11. Get Lion's Tear from Ghorayogi of Shambala Dungeon.
12. Deliver to Priestess Saranu.
13. Meet General Amar.
14. Get Light Dragon's Scales from Nagamudra of Shambala Dungeon.
15. Deliver items to Hero Amar.

Scenario Quest #20: Mara's Hand and The Secret of Meghamalin
Reward: 150,000 Pranas, Necklace of the Brave
1. Go to Pharmacist Karan.
2. Get Kaulitara's Egg by hunting Kaulitara and deliver to Jeweler Nara.
3. Return to Pharmacist Karan.
4. Get Rudhira's Skeleton Necklace from Ghorayogi. 5. Deliver to Jeweler Nara together with Karan's Message.
6. Show Bishubakarman's Seal to Priest Vananta.
7. Search for Signs of Vananta's Daughter in Meghamalin's Room.
8. Recover Vananta's Necklace.
9. Return to Priest Vananta.

Scenario Quest #21: Second job Change
1. Go to Elder Zangzu of Jina Village.
2. Pass the three tests for Job Change and return to Zangzu.

Scenario Quest #22: Test of Destruction
Reward: Handle of Broken Sword
1. Go to Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.
2. Deliver Test Proof to Hero Amar.
3. Find two scouts in Kruma and collect their military tags.
4. Report back to Monk Iddungddashu.

Scenario Quest #23: Test of Patience
Reward: Blood Cloth
1. Go to Weapons Salesman Ouyez.
2. Get the following ingredients: Moon Cow's Horn from Ban Gosu, Strapped Leather from Byokbo, Bowstring Tendon from Sobariung Gosu, and Glue Cell from Mangriang.
3. Report to Salesman Ouyez.
4. Get Thick String from Saranu.
5. Return to Salesman Ouyez.

Scenario Quest #24: Test of Wisdom
Reward: Piece of Paper
1. Go to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.
2. Talk to Moriya of Anu Village.
3. If you have incorrect answers, you'll hunt 20 Anangas as your punishment.
4. Report back to Moriya and answer again.
5. If you have correctly answered all the questions, return to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.

(Answers to Questions)
1. Vartan
2. 10
3. Indra
4. Nagamudra Hima
5. 5050
6. Apvas
7. Exile Region
8. 1432
9. Ananga Dhevata
10. Amrita
11. 44%
12. Shambala
13. 8 King
14. 15 types
15. Haimayuga
16. Vananta
17. 6 Kinds
18. 8 King
19. Chaturanga
20. 1/126

Scenario Quest #25: Test of Justice
Reward: Friend Named Cloth
1. Go to Defense Salesman Wangddaopo.
2. Form a party and get rid of the troublemaker at Coliseum.
3. Return to Salesman Wangddaopo.

Scenario Quest #26: Entry to Jina Fortress (For level 45 and above)
Reward: 50,000 Ruphias, 200,000 Pranas, 40 Feathers of Holy Bird, 40 Stronger Irons
1. Go to Elder Zangzu of Jina Village.
2. Visit Fighting Monk Iddungddashu.
3. Hunt 28 Zakus.
4. Go back to Monk Iddungddashu.
5. Obtain Operation Order by killing Zaku Gosus.
6. Report to Monk Iddungddashu.
7. Return to Elder Zangzu.
8. Seek Armor Salesman Wangddaopo.
9. Hunt Zaku Gosus until you obtain Merchant's Bundle.
10. Deliver Merchant's Bundle to Wangddaopo.

Scenario Quest #27: Spy (For level 47 and above)
Reward: 100,000 Pranas, Bangle of the Wise, Atman Charm, Quality Peito Charm of Heart
1. Go to Elder Zangzu of Jina Village.
2. Talk to Armor Salesman Wangddaopo.
3. Reject.
4. Collect 20 Poison Stings of Mangriangs and 30 Sorcery Books of Pizac Aggana.
5. Go back to Salesman Wangddaopo.
6. Collect 30 Poison Stings of Mangriangs and 30 Sorcery Books of Pizac Aggana.
7. Return to Salesman Wangddaopo.
8. Visit Bava of Shambala.
9. Go to Armor Salesman Wangddaopo.
10. Find Goods Salesman Rui Shan.
11. Collect 20 Craniums of Zinmon then report to Salesman Rui Shan.
12. Give Dye Printing Material to Bava.
13. Hunt Sinkui until you obtain Left Eye of Ape.
14. Deliver to Bava in Shambala.
13. Talk to Jeweler Nara of Anu Village.

Scenario Quest #28: Ambush (For Level 49 and above)
Reward: 200,000 Pranas, Earring of a Militia Officer, High-Quality Anubaba Charm
1. Go to Goods Salesman Rui Shan.
2. Find Weapon Salesman Ouyez.
3. Hunt 10 Zinmons near Tower of Silence.
4. Go back to Salesman Ouyez.
5. Hunt 15 Zinmon Gosus near the Tower of Silence.
6. Report back to Salesman Ouyez.
7. Return to Bava of Shambala.
8. Hunt Borangis and Byokbos and search for a Tiger's Head.
9. Deliver to Salesman Ouyez.

Scenario Quest #29: Slaughterous Sisters (For level 51 and above)
Reward: 20 Utara Panakas, 20 Amulet of Anubaba, 1 Quality Ziva Pustika, Surapa
1. Talk to Bava of Shambala.
2. Visit to Elder Zangzu of Jina.
3. Find to Good Saleman Rui Shan.
4. Get 15 Head Decorations and 20 Jawbones.
5. Deliver to Salesman Rui Shan.
6. Give Sympathy Symbol to Saranun.
7. Report to Elder Zangzu.
8. Seek Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.

Scenario Quest #30: Resistance Army (For level 53 and above)
Reward: 300,000 Pranas, Earring of the Wise
1. Talk Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.
2. Go to Vibvan of Anu Village.
3. Collect 20 Oxhorns and return to Anu Village.
4. Collect 20 Big Oxhorns from Ban Gosus.
5. Go back to the Vibvan of Anu Village.
6. Hunt 30 Kubasangs then return to Iddungdashu.
7. Talk to Goods Salesman Rui Shan.
8. Collect 10 Hands of Stained Blood from Kubasangs and 20 Sorcery Books from Pizac Agganas.
9. Return to Salesman Rui Shan.
10. Seek Priestess Saranu of Anu Village.
11. Hunt Choniokusins until you obtain Symbol of Different Dimension.
12. Deliver to Priestess Saranu.
13. Report back to the Elder in Jina.

Scenario Quest #31: The Mask (For level 55 and above)
Reward: 1,000,000 Pranas
1. Go to Storehouse Keeper Borer.
2. Seek Vibvan of Anu Village.
3. Reject.
4. Collect 66 pieces of Balastha Tundela Cursed Mara's Horns.
5. Deliver to Vibvan.
6. Find Elder Zangzu.
7. Visit Goods Salesman Rui Shan.
8. Look for Goods Salesman Ryupuwei at Exile.
9. Find Elder Haiddungddashu at the Village of the Outcast.
10. Collect 40 pieces of Kyukrong Bat's Wings and 20 pieces of Kyukrong Gosus Bat's Sleek Wings.
11. Report back to Elder Haiddungddashi.
12. Talk to Elder Haiddungddashu for a while.

Scenario Quest #32: The Sacrifice (For level 57 and above)
Reward: 300,000 Pranas
1. Bring 100k rups and Talk to Discipling Monk Usong.
2. Seek Discipling Monk Ryuzshun.
3. Find Elder Haiddungddashu and talk to him.
4. Visit the fighting monk Iddungddashu and talk to him.
5. Go to Elder Zangzu.
6. Return to Elder Haiddungddashu.

Scenario Quest #33: The Pilgrimage of the Dead (For level 59 and above)
Reward: Pilgrimage Voucher, 10,000,000 Pranas
1. Seek Elder Haiddungddashu.
2. Visit Mandara Village and find Priest Vananta.
3. Talk to the Discipling Monk in Shambala.
4. Hunt 10 of the following monsters: Vasabhums and Zonbus.
5. Go back to discipling monk.

Scenario Quest #34: The Queen (For level 61 and above)
Reward: 500,000 Rupiahs, 300,000 Pranas
1. Talk to Maid Ssunalang.
2. Find Storehouse Keeper Borer.
3. Collect 30 Red Roses from Bakous.
4. Report back to the Storehouse Keeper Borer.
5. Talk to Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.
6. Go back to Storehouse Keeper with 30 pieces of Red Roses and 20 pieces of Branch.
7. Return Storehouse Keeper Zongkui.
8. Go to Storehouse Keeper Borer.

Scenario Quest #35: The Defender Quest (For level 63 and above)
Reward: 100 Utara Amrita, 100 Utara Panaka, 1,000,000 rupiahs, 1,000,000 pranas
1. Talk to Farmer Shunongs.
2. Go to Good Salesman Ryupuwei.
3. Collect 40 Yakku Smell Ghost's Arms and 10 Yomrabyang Hell's Head.
4. Return to Good Salesman Ryupuwei.
5. Report to Farmer Shunongs.
6. Seek Maid Ssunalang.

Level 65 - The Grave Diggers
1. Talk to North Guard Haidungddashu
2. Collect 1 Cabinet Map
3. Bring Cabinet Map back to North Guard Haidungddashu
Reward: 1M Pranas

4. Go to Rui Shan
5. Collect 40 Gun Powders
6. Go back to Rui Shan
Reward: 1M Pranas

7. Go to Wangdappo
8. Collect 20 Nameless Tapelines
9. Go to Ryupuwei
Reward: 1M Pranas

10. Go back to Wangdappo
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Restored Medicine

11. Go back to Rui Shan
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Restored Map

12. Go back to Haidungddashu
Reward: 4.6M Pranas, Money Item

Level 67 - Doll Maker
1. Talk to Ryupuwei
2. Collect 10 Head of Tongon, 10 Helm of Hwangbyon, 10 Eye of Tongon, 10 Breastplate of Tongon, 10 Leg of Tongon, 10 Item of Tongon
3. Go back to Ryupuwei
4. Go to Priest Vananta
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Head of Tongon

5. Go to Kirika
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Helm of Hwangbyon

6. Go to Monk (Anu Store Keeper)
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Eye of Tongon

7. Go to Saranu
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Breast Plate of Tongon

8. Go to Haiddengsu
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Item of Tongon

9. Go to Ryupuwei
10. Collect 10 Azna Stone Hearts, 10 Utara Amrita, 10 Utara Panaka
11. Go back to Ryupuwei
12. Go to Craftsman Chin (1st Room Emperors Tomb)
13. Kill Ressurected Tongon before it disappears
14. Talk again to Craftsman Chin
Receive Bottle of Hu Li

15. Go to Ryupuwei
Reward: 6M Pranas, Emperors Amulet (Allows you to summon Tongon inside Emperors Tomb, last 2 minutes)

Level 69 - The Altar of the Dead
1. Go to Zangzu
2. Collect 10 General Sword, 10 Palace Piece, 10 Flag of Great Bear
3 Go back to Zangzu
Reward: 4M Pranas

5. Go to Priest Vananta
Reward: 4M Pranas

6. Go to Pots and donate 1M Rupiahs
7. Return to Zangzu in Jina
8. Collect 10 Gems of Spirit, 10 Ancient Sorcery Books, 10 Charm of the Hero, Stone Heart, 1M Rupiah, 5 Azis and a Surapa
9. Turn items in to Zangzu (must have 1m Rups in inventory)
Reward: 8M Pranas, Rare Accessory

Level 71 - The never ending fun of learning
1. Go to Zonkui
2. Kill 4 monsters in library to collect their books. (PARTY BONUS PRANAS)
3. Return to Zonkui
4. Go to Zangzu, who turns the books into a charm
5. Go to Chin in ET to trade the charm for your item.
Reward: 8M Pranas, 1 Prajati, Charm for Item/Item

Level 73 - The respose of the dead
1. Go to Zangzu
2. Collect Bronze Pitch, Bronze Armor and Hwang's Army Plate from the 3 Che mobs in ET
3. Return to Zangzu
4. Go to New Elder Zangu in ET
5. Use the sword the elder gives you to kill the Resurrected Emperor
6. Talk to Elder again
7. Go to Chin to trade your Charm for your Item
Reward: 20M Pranas, Belt of Great Bear, Charm for Tribe Item/Tribe
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